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We open an account in your name for your capital (termination contribution), pay interest on the amount and manage your assets (vested benefits) until they are transferred to a new benefits scheme or vested benefits foundation or until they are paid out.

Why do we hold your money?

  1. You have not specified the form in which you want to receive your occupational benefits. The benefits scheme that have been instructed to transfer the withdrawal benefits, including interest on arrears, to our foundation at least 6 months and at most 2 years after you leave the company have transferred their money to us (Art. 4 FZG and Art. 60 BVG [Occupational Benefits Act]).
  2. You have instructed your benefits scheme to open a vested benefits account with us.

The rate of interest paid on the vested benefits accounts is defined by the board of trustees, and the interest is credited to your account once a year on 31 December. When your account is dissolved, the interest is credited on the date of the payout.

Until the 31/12/2010 account management charges have applied for accounts showing a credit balance of minimum CHF 300. These fees will be shown on all outgoing bank statements.

With resolution of 17/09/2010 the Board of Trustees has appointed no more fees will be elevated with effective date being 01/01/2011for any vesting accounts being managed by our foundation. Transitional provisions were defined and may be found in our regulations.

We comply with the instructions of the board of trustees and the auditors to avoid dormant assets as far as possible and to manage our customers’ technical accounts fully and accurately. As regards the technical accounts, we take on the obligations of the previous occupational benefits organisations, and we work closely with the municipalities in respect of address details.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about vested benefits. If you have any queries relating to BVG/OASI (AHV/AVS)/invalidity insurance/tax in general, please contact the relevant specialists.

Dispatch of account Statements

Important notice

At the moment we process an extremely high amount of written requests.

In order to assure a prompt response to your demand, we kindly ask you to only contact us by phone in very urgent cases.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding!


From 22.01.2018 until 02.03.2018, we can be contacted through our phone lines in the afternoon (13.30 - 16.30).


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