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Opening of a vested benefit account

Your employment contract is finished and you are leaving your pension scheme and would like to transfer your vested benefits to our institution in order for us to open a vested benefit account in your name.

Transfer to your new benefits scheme

You are an employee and are insured with a benefits scheme. You therefore need to transfer your vested benefits to this benefits scheme.

Transfer to a vested benefits foundation

You would like to invest your vested benefits with a different vested benefits organisation (bank, insurance company).

Cash payout due to retirement

You would like to withdraw your capital. This is only possible 5 years prior to ordinary retirement age at the earliest.

Cash payout due to invalidity

You receive a full pension from OASI (AHV/AVS)/invalidity insurance (from 70% invalidity) and would like to withdraw your capital.

Cash payout due to self-employment

Your main source of income is derived from being self-employed, and you would like to withdraw your capital.

Cash payout due to emigration

You are leaving Switzerland permanently and would like to withdraw some or all of your capital.

Cash payout from accounts with low credit balances

Your vested benefits have less value than your personal annual contribution to your former benefits scheme. You would therefore like to withdraw your capital.

Encouragement of home ownership

You would like to withdraw or pledge your vested benefits in order to purchase owner-occupied residential property (minimum amount CHF 20,000.00).

Account statement

You are sent an account statement automatically at the beginning of the year. However you would now like to order a statement mid-year.

Changes to personal details

You want to notify us of your new address, name or marital status.

Feasibility check declaration (divorce)

Your lawyer or the court requires a feasibility check with the account statement for your divorce or dissolution of partnership.


You would like to know what happens to the capital belonging to a deceased account holder.


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